Miracle … is our Life!!!

In everyone’s life some incidents occur that cannot be judged on any logical or scientific grounds. They are simply MIRACLES. Accidental encounters that blossom into romance, incredible physical healings, personal transformations that revolutionize life, answered prayers, angel encounters and pleasant coincidences… all are Gifts of God.Life is a miracle itself so there is no wonder if it is full of miracles. 

Every night we go to a strange valley of dreams and then wake up with a new day. The chase of darkness and light, despair and hope, singing birds, glittering galaxies, running rivers and strange creatures—all are the miracle of Almighty.But the greatest of all miracles is human life itself. Our experiences make us believe that there is a supreme power that designs our direction and decides our destiny. Anum had a serious crash at a young man in her teens. But she couldn’t tell anyone about it, not even remained in touch with him for long. Then after a decade, she incidentally met the same guy who disclosed that he also liked her and even proposed her. What would you call it?…Destiny or miracle!

Life is strange. Many-a-times God listens to our silent prayers and fulfill them in a way we hardly expect. Aisha and Asma – two sisters were abandoned in their childhood. They were separated and adopted by different families living in the same city. After completing their education, both applied for a teachers’ training programme in a city college. Soon they became friends. One day Aisha told Asma how her family left her alone in her childhood. It was then they realized that they share the same background and belonged to the same family. This way the two sisters were reunited after twenty years.

Some bonds are so strong that even death cannot defeat them.Sahida’s only son died in a car accident at 22. She couldn’t accept the tragedy and claimed that she had often seen and talked to her son. Nobody believed in her. It was rather taken as a shock reaction. However, when the mother died several years later, the family members saw the boy in their dreams who informed them that he and his mother were happily living together in a peaceful place.

We believe that God has control over life and death and only He can save us from clutches of decease. He miraculously gives life to the sick when doctors lose all hope. It happened when Naureen gave birth to her premature twins. She ended up in the ICU with little chance of survival through the night. Her husband prayed for a miracle. In his dream, he saw an old man who handed over a pendant to him with clear instructions. When he woke up, he placed the medallion on his unconscious wife’s forehead, and when he removed it she miraculously awakened.It might be difficult for us to believe that a pendant can save a woman.But God can use anything and anyone to show His power. He usually gives miracles to his prophets and saints. But sometimes, He selects ordinary people to perform a miracle.

Ahmed Ali is working in the Fire Department. Three years back he had a dream that he saved three people in a fire. The very next day, he was called to a fire. He found a badly burnt woman and two young boys at the spot.  All three were apparently dead when he brought them out of the house. He began to administer CPR to a boy, but couldn’t get a response. Another Fire worker arrived on the scene and told him, “Leave them, they are gone.”Ahmed remembered that all three people were saved in his dream. He knew that he should not give up. He kept on trying and was finally able to revitalize the woman as well as the two young boys.

We do not have power to help anyone. It is God who blesses us with courage, wealth and wisdom when He wants us to serve a purpose.Mr. and Mrs. Javed never missed a chance to help people in need. On their way back form Hyderabad to Karachi; they heard a radio announcement about a missing child and the car number of the suspected kidnapper. Mrs Javed unconsciously memorised the number. To their surprise, they spotted the van with the same number plate parked along the highway. They called the police who recovered the child and arrested the kidnapper from the nearby locality.  

Some of us live like dead, without any objective and aspiration.While there are people who remain alive even after death because they strongly believe in life and charity. One such person was James, a teenage boy who donated his heart to Mary John. Mary was diagnosed with a fatal heart disease and was thankful to the young boy for giving her a new life.As part of her treatment, she started swimming. Although she could barely swim before the transplant, she avidly enjoyed her new hobby and even won a gold medal at the transplant games. Mary met the James’ family to thank them and discovered that their son had been a passionate swimmer and had won many swimming competitions.

Most of us are ignorant of ourselves. We are too busy to reach our destination that we often overlook directions. Our life is full of miracles. When we are confused and seek help, God guides us through dreams and people around. Istikhara is the one way to find out God’s will on any matter but it needs unshaken belief.It often happens that you wake up one pleasant morning and have a feeling that something is wrong. Your car might get punctured on the way to office; the presentation for which you planned for a week might be postponed or you may have a fight with your partner. One way or the other nature warns us.Call it sixth sense, intuition or ilham, that doesn’t lessen its value.

While asked to share a miracle in their life, majority of people said they never experience any. They might forget their healthy birth, transformation from a tiny toddler to a strong person and their first love.They might not remember the channels God opened to them when they had lost all hope. How they learned to live and earn amidst extreme poverty and ignorance in the world. How God united them with their soul mates and how He bestowed them with His blessings whenever they earnestly ask for it.

The Creator shows His miracle at every step and invites us to open our inner eyes and enjoy it… So would you like to share the miracle in your life ?


2 thoughts on “Miracle … is our Life!!!

  1. yes i will share one such miracle.
    19 march 2010. i almost died in a car accident. i still think about that day and thank Allah for the miracle. i was trying to cross a road. there was no pedestrian bridge, neither a zebra crossing. the traffic was heavy. i waited for a long time.
    lost my patience. crossed the first lane. then a speeding Cultus and i dont know how my steps went back to the pavement that day.. it was a miracle. standing in the middle of busiest road in Karachi one moment and next moment on the safe pavement. that was my new birthday.

    P.S: i have feeling that you write for the newspaper. is that so?

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