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   To love and be loved is an innate human instinct. Since inception of the universe and creation of the human race, love exists and might survive till eternity. Mankind witnessed numerous immortal stories of love and sacrifice.

It is natural that every couple on this path assumes themselves Laila Majnoo, ready to face stoning of Zalim Samaj in yearning of each other. Every enthusiast is swearing to dig out a lake of love from the barren mountains of worldly differences for his Shireen, though he might fail to provide her a glass of clean water in the modern world.

The sage of love is universal, however, it’s changing with the fast-paced world. So Shakespeare’s lovable Juliet and gentleman Romeo seem characters from ancient classics nowadays. In the modern practical age, love birds are not so naïve to waste their entire life in the wish of one kind look or devote all their loyalties to a beloved.

Life becomes busy and people get smart… so smart that they instantly fall in love with a lovely girl (preferably with sound background) and a gorgeous guy (looks even better in a new model car with a promising career). As soon as eyes meet, love is emerged and in the same jet speed often vanished for trivial reasons. Needless to say, sweethearts today are not worth more than accessories, preferred to be changed to suit one’s mood, style and status.

Love—– that used to be one of the most pure and true of human emotions has been commercialized (thanks to the modern media and materialistic culture). It has always been the heart-favorite theme of every second soap, film and novel, often depicted with saleable  mirch masla.

In the past , when a person fell in love, s/he dedicated all his/her life and energies to the memory of the beloved, write poetry in his/her praise and keep it personal as a sacred secret. But now lovers do not have enough leisure and patience for all such pranks, so they devote a day to their beloved and popularize it as “Valentine’s Day.”

As the dictionary says… February 14 is the day when birds are supposed to pair (are we human beings trying to imitate them); the day when sweet-hearts chosen and letters, pictures, flowers and gifts are sent to the beloved. Media and multi-nationals realize the potential of the ancient ritual and contribute immensely in projecting Valentine’s Day as the D Day for true lovers. It is thus  adopted and followed with so much zest that  anyone who dare not to celebrate it seems either deprived or ignorant.

Valentine’s Day—that once was a part of the history books has turned into the most sought after celebration in the youth world over including Pakistan and India, thanks to the  transnational mass media that has blurred all the geographical boundaries and make us receptive to anything and everything with the tag of cool, alien and in vogue for fun and entertainment.

I am not a cynic who is against celebrations; fun and love especially in the environment where hatred and differences of all kind prevail . But the way these special days such as Valentine, Father, Mother, Friend’s and Teacher’s days are commercialized and turned into a compulsory ritual is abusive. 

All my sympathies are with the poor husbands, wives and devotees who are compelled to celebrate Valentine’s and face quarrels and arguments in case of deviance. I have known to several such couples who had fights on Valentine’s day since the partner (mostly boyfriends or husbands) fail to celebrate  it up to her expectations.. which is often judged against the value of others valentine gifts and celebrations.

And BTW….Happy Valentine’s to all the true and forged lovers…at least they have someone to make them feel special or fool and congratulations to all those smart souls who are free from the clutches of the hormonal disorder which in Ghalib’s view is nothing but the defect of the mind…!

Happy Valentine's Day... Courtesy Google search


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