A typical view from one of the lawn exhibitions

Are you one of the victims to the Lawn Mania or more appropriately Lawn Exhibitions Craze…?

Do you annoyingly get distracted by the popped up weekend lawn exhibition announcements, attractive models glanced from the glossy magazines cover? Did a familiar model and famous actor capture your glance on roads while driving through king size billboards sprawling all over the city and perhaps country since the last breeze of winters… if yes, believe me you are not the only victim that is lured by morning shows, TV commercials, print ads, digital announcements, roadside banners and billboards to name a few.

I don’t mind seeing the native lawn industry flourishing flirtatiously but I do mind the cut throat prices that transform lawn into an elite class fabric with some additional embellishments, embroidery and bits & pieces in the name of sleeves, back, front, ribbons and accessories.

You just wonder what to buy when you get an ordinary lawn suit at the cost of Rs. 1500 to 2000, a weekly income of a clerk and daily wedge earner … the same lawn suit that used to cost around Rs. 350 to 500 only two years back.

Go for a better brand, print, material or even an outlet and you need to double your budget to do some purchase.

If you are a working woman, you count before you spend … at least the time, tears and sweat you shed in earning the thousands bucks which can buy you a few comfortable dresses to dare the summer heat while looking trendy at the same time. And even if you are spending the lawn shopping allowance you get from your hubby, parents or friend, you might wonder if you need another series of argument and emotional blackmailing to spend summer in style.

Change, Revolution, Social Justice, Welfare State, Roti, Kapra aur Makan … all seem slogans to the shrinking middle class stepping down to merge into the swelling lower class that fights to survive everyday…. Everything from daily commodities, eatables, utilities, education, health, transportation, housing and clothing become unaffordable to the people of Pakistan.

The new fashion fad of designers’ lawn, branded accessories and foreign franchise might make crème de la crème of the society look and feel better but it neither increases the purchase power nor the income of the common people of Pakistan. What it simply promotes is the class difference, complexes and frustrations between the haves and have-nots.

So ladies you like it or not… say no to the lawn phobia, stop getting mad after each brand exhibition call and strive hard to be a part of the crowd… Rather count your budget, spend wisely and make intelligent choices. You still have some options… thanks to Classics, Rawaj, Mausummery and other less expensive brands. At least, I’ve made a promise to myself… no lavish shopping spree to condemn the trend at my level. After all these lawn suits will wash in the same laundry and look-alike after a few wash so no to commercialism, no to consumerism and yes to mental peace…

No to lawn mania...!


2 thoughts on “LAWN MANIA

  1. I agree. It reminds me of the conversation we had when we met at KU. Seriously, I am so against these not-so-worth-it crazes bubbling up in the big cities of Pakistan despite the skyrocketing inflation. The cost of the fabric is not the only participant in this race, the fancy stiching prices are also getting out of control increasing the cost of a simple lawn suit even further. The other day, my tailor was asking me to pay Rs. 2000 for a plain A-line shirt with a tiny lace in the bottom!! I was shocked at how could he even ask such a big amount. After much argument, he came down only Rs. 200. Insane

  2. despite the facts above, i would like to add the knowledge for the all. Lawn season are divided into 3 quarters (Summer, Winter, spring & Eid Collection). As per Marketing spending on OOH & Exhibition 28 main players are: Gul Ahmed, AlKaram, Lakhani, Image Premium, Firdous, Asim Jofa, Sadia Lawn, Musamery, Yasir Waheed, Sana Safinaz, HSY, Deepak Orient Lawn, Aramish Premium Lawn, Nadia Hussain Lawn, Bonanza Lawn Kamiarokni, Nomi Ansari Lawn, Veeneza V9, Lala Lawn, Paulsha Lawn, widyaan (Shahid Faridi Lawn), Nisha Lawn, Kayseria Lawn, Icon, Five star (Rung), Maria-B, J. Lawn (Junaid Jamshaid), Nomi Ansari Lawn & Warda. Total Spend of these players are 500 million with these percentage 60% OOH, 10% ATL & 30% Events & Exhibitions.Imtiaz Ahmed

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