I am Hazrat Muhammad’s (PBUH) follower and i hate violence

ImageThis is a long weekend but there’s hardly any reason to celebrate… It’s a silent, sad Friday when we are forced to stay at home as government of Pakistan declared public holiday calling it Yum-e-iahq-e-Rasool (PBUH) against the blasphemous film that raged Muslims all over the world.

Let me confess that I am a Muslim (Alhamdolillah), I love my Allah & His Prophet Muhammd (PBUH) but i am hardly concerned about any such blasphemous movie. If a mad dog barks on the street, shall I come out and bark in return to compete with it or shall I shoot it to make him quiet. As a follower of ISLAM and a civilized person, I rather ignore him or if it really disturbs my peace, i might throw a stone or two to sush it away or call the concerned authorities to do its job.
But what we observed today and during last week on our our TV screens was utter madness. Government announced a peaceful protest under political pressure while its ministers and representatives stayed at their enclaves to take rest. On the other hand, roads and streets in major cities of Karachi and Lahore were taken over by the terrorists and ignited protestors who burnt and damaged everything that came on their way including vehicles, hotels, cinemas, banks and people.
Doesn’t it sound and seem ridiculous and unvbelievable? I believe it does to every conscientious and true  Muslim and Pakistani who candidly condemed it on media and social media, at homes and in private gatherings but no one, neither state and its police, rangers and other law-enforcement agencies, nor we as a nation, a community and a civilized society have the dare and the strength to stop it and condemn it in real with all our force.
Let me confess that we as Muslims have fallen below the lowest cadre of Iman where we are afraid of death thus we confine our protest against all atrocities and its perpetrators to mere silence or at the most to mere verbal and vocal protest in media.
During last few years I cried a lot thanks to the idiot box and its real-time live coverage of the incidents . I cried my heart out for Baldia fire victims, Yum-e-Ishq-e_Rasool Damage, with Hyderi & Peshawar Blasts Preys, Air-Blue and Bhoja Passangers, and for hundreds and thousands of innocent people who were abducted and killed in our land of Pures in different incidebts. I just wonder when will come the D-DAy when we stop crying, cursing and waiting for a ghabi taqat to come for our escape. Or we have already decided that nothing could save this country so better try luck and keep a second option to get an escape from this nightmare as it becomes unbearable.
Do we have courage and will to get rid of this state of escape and self-pity and come out once from our shells and shelters to protest against these social and political injustice. Is there any chance we decide to demonstrate our strength as awam as silent, peacful majority? Do we really need any Imran, Altaf, Nawaz, Zardari or Sheikh to lead us in our movement of truth and survival???
This long, agonizing punishment is the result of our criminal silence and passivity. If we, the 16 crore awam can’t change our fate, no prophet will come to change it and he doesn’t need our violent protests and pompous claims of love for his regard while we remain completely oblivious of his teachings that is based on living with peace and harmony with the followers of all sects, races and beliefs

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