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Life is like that… we all set goals, aspire to accomplish something and strive to realize our dreams. Then why is it so that some people are able to turn their dreams into reality while others just give up.

How many times have you wanted to do or achieved something but never did? Probably often. So many of us are “day-dreamers” — we wish for something but, because we don’t know how to make it a reality, it remains make-believe.

So what’s the process of turning your dreams into reality? Can everyone learn this? Absolutely. But first, let’s visit the model that most people experience:

Dream—|    |—Reality

What most people often see is a gap between the two. This is something that few manage to cross. They don’t, not because they’re not as skilled or blessed with opportunities as others; instead the reason lies with the fact that the majority do not know how to cross it. In order to make any dream become a reality in your life, there is a specific continuum that must be followed and understood which will bridge the gap between the two. And here it is:

 Dream –> Goal –> Intention –> A Plan –> Action –> Attention –> Reality

Once we have a dream, the first step in bridging the gap is setting a date to achieve that dream. We’ve all heard that a goal is a dream with a deadline. When you have a desire to achieve or have something and you set a date for that desire to be manifested in your life, as soon as that deadline is set, your dream moves along the continuum and becomes a goal.

The Smarter the goal, the better it is. That is, it must be specific (you know exactly what you want or where you want to be), measurable (How much of that do you want?), achievable (What exactly is your intended outcome?), realistic (something that you are willing and able to achieve), and tangible (something you can experience with one of your senses – this makes it all the more measurable and attainable).

Intention is the natural outflow of a firmly stated and desired goal. The very fact that we have created a goal does not necessarily imply that we have also created intent. You can set a goal, as is the case with many new-years resolutions, without any intent on achieving it. It is only when you link a strong desire to achieving a specific goal that you reach the level of Intention on the continuum. Intention is the driving force behind turning one’s dream into reality.

Intention is also what allows the Law of attraction to work in our lives. When you reach the level of Intention, something interesting begins to happen in your life. Thoughts, ideas and opportunities seem to come together in such a way that you begin to see a path to your desired reality.

Now that you understand how you can achieve your desired result (you have the means whereby), in order to progress further along the continuum you must plan to use those means. Everything that you see in the physical world has been previously created already in the non-physical world of someone’s thoughts. For example, something as simple as the chair upon which you are sitting was formed in someone’s mind long before you sat on it. Planning, in many ways, does this same type of “non-physical” creation for your desires. And by planning your course, you see (and thereby create) in your mind your intended result before it happens.

Although planning is a crucial step, unless you implement that plan, it will forever remain in your mind. The next stage then, in the continuum of turning your dreams into reality, is to take action. This step is fairly self-explanatory.

Action alone does not have the power to turn your desires into their physical manifestation. Unless it is supported by your Intention, you will not continue to act on your plan. As I previously stated, Intention is the driving force behind turning one’s dream into reality. Unfortunately, Intention is not self-perpetuating. It requires a fuel to keep it alive — and that fuel is Attention.

When enough attention is focused on your desire, and you’re acting on the plans that you’ve made, eventually a tipping point is reached and your dream becomes your reality. Finally at reaching your intended destination, you may notice that it did not come as such a big surprise as you had imagined. The reason can be found in understanding that as you are moving along this continuum; your desire becomes so real in your mind during the process, that the physical manifestation of it seems rather anti-climactic. In many ways you have already achieved and experienced it many times over in your head.


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