writer[1]I have been writing for around two decades… started contributing to mainstream press about 15-16 years back

I used to write for some leading English and Urdu newspapers and a few monthly magazines as free-lancer for several years

Then I quit when got busy in doing my PhD with a full-time job and demanding family life

After a long gap… i decided to resume freelancing  and started with an upcoming leading newspaper

Considering several burning issues, I came up with a thriving topic, scanned several issues of the newspaper for months to understand its format, gathered contact details of the concerned paper and section editor, discussed my topic with the relevant editor on phone and through emails and started writing after consensus and required brainstorming sessions

It took me a month to complete the feature with several revisions, edits, discussions and online interviews

Finally i shared my (masterpiece) feature with the  editor.

One week passed and no response…I gave a call to inquire about it after a week of my reminder mail.

I was asked to edit the article further, add some recognized people’s comments in the area and make it more pertinent and precise

As per brief, i reluctantly agreed to do another revision since i don’t want to let my hard work lost in files

And also because the editor assured to print the feature immediately after required changes

Another month lapsed after i sent the revised article with changes and there was complete silence

I lost my patience and sent a polite reminder

No response again…

Hesitantly i gave a call to the newspaper office to discover that the entire editorial team had been replaced and the new editor and staff found it difficult to trace my article in bulk mails.

“Why don’t you resend .. I will take a look and inform you then”, the new editor suggested me casually.

OK. I replied patiently and sent my feature again with previous correspondence details to share the efforts i made in writing, editing & revising the piece.

This time i was quite optimistic…

However again i got disappointed since there was no response, no acknowledgement

Finally i decided to give a final call .

On my follow-up, the concerned editor candidly informed me that she rather prefers investigative features based on field reporting, she might consider my feature when they will do a story on the topic and in the meanwhile i am advised to forget my feature for the time being.

I was totally demoralised by the blunt refusal. It took me months to think, research and write that feature and here is the editor who wants me to dump it completely.

But I didn’t give up, and send my the article with some editing to another newspaper for which i used to write for years

And it was taken readily with a promise for quick appearance in print

Life is like that and especially if you are engaged in writing or any other genre of creative and liberal arts that require expression and sharing with public,

you face the same challenges.It consumes you as a writer, artist, thinker, painter and poet completely. You put your heart and soul, pour your blood and sweat and invest all your energies to transform an idea into an expression and that expression into some form of sheer sharing

you want to hear and be heard, see and be seen, know and be known

you want to accept and be accepted,  appreciate and be appreciated

BUT. it is not an easy path…

patience, persistence and practice are the keys of success in this journey of expression

if you want to be a writer… it can be your passion but can’t be your profession

It can give you recognition, satisfaction and expression… But not a fortune, wealth and regular income at least not in our part of the planet

So friends if you want to be a writer, here is a piece of advice ….

Be Ready to face the failures patiently, and be persistent to put your message across relentlessly . And believe in what you write, create ans say

And one day you shall be heard, seen, appreciated and acknowledged… hopefully in your lifetime



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