Why Elections 2013 in Pakistan are the matter of Life and Death …?

Why Elections 2013 in Pakistan are the matter of Life & Death for us…?


I represent common Pakistanis and half of its female population. I represent Pakistan’s youth, professionals and civil society. And being a representative of various important segments of society, I consider upcoming (May 11, 2013) Elections are a matter of life and death for myself, my family, friends and at large for my nation.

Why… Because we are living under constant threat. There are numerous threats to our lives, security, fortune, honour and future. We are left with little options to survive respectfully in this land of pure. Our leaders candidly commented that we can migrate to any other country if can’t bear lawlessness, corruption, inflation and injustice, since they are unwilling and incapable to resolve the issues.


In the past 66 years, we have tried Bloody Democracy and paid its price… We suffered under Long Marshal Law Regimes and subjected to presidential and Parliamentary systems in the name of national interest, Islamization and Democracy Jamhoriat and Emergency… but nothing worked for our shattered country and bewildered people.

Since the times of independence, we heard our leaders saying “The country is going through crisis!” mulk nazuk dor sai guzar raha hai” and there is no climax of that crucial period. Thus it sustains today even after more than six decades of independence.

We yearn and wait for a saviour (masiha), an angel, a messenger and a mard-e-mauman to come and save us and give solutions to our ailments, forgetting that problem lies within us and only we can cure it. No one comes from outside to lead and guide us, We are to identify a leader from within us.

So if I and many others like me believe and share that we are going to vote to bring change in Pakistan this time… it should neither surprise anyone, nor must ignore as a cliché.


We might not represent majority of country’s rural Population, its farmers, peasants and labourers but I’m sure they must also have a wish to choose  independently for a new and just social system. Thus, if we say that we consider a new party, an emerging leader who seems to be more honest, more daring and more progressive than the rest, it must not surprise the seasoned leaders and analysts. I’m not sure whether that new party will win the election or not, I’m also not sure whether they get majority from major cities, provinces and regions but I’m sure about one thing… People of Pakistan especially youth are ready to embrace change and these elections are the best times to bring that change which is the need of the time since it’s a matter of our existence and our survival.Pakistan_Elections_2013_ncefa_Pak101(dot)com[1]

Either these elections will make us or break us as a nation and as a Country. Choice is ours.Since this seems to be the last chance to live or die, to think and act or ignore and extinct. I have thus decided that either I will contribute through my free fair vote to construct my new, progressive Pakistan or leave the country for good.


Do you think alike…?


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