Psychological Impact of News Coverage Related to Terrorism: Implications for Pakistan

my recent research article about the impact of news media on viewers published in the American Psychology Association journal, 2015 issue


Erum Hafeez Erum Hafeez

Erum Hafeez, PhD
Institute of Business Management, Karachi, Pakistan

Considering Pakistan’s strategic position as a leading ally in the “War Against Terrorism” the country has been subjected to frequent terrorist attacks and suicide bombings for over a decade.  An increase in the intensity of these attacks since September 11, 2011 has caused millions of Pakistanis to lose their lives, families and homes.

With the advent of 24/7 news television channels in 2002, following the media privatization policy of General Musharaf’s government, it is currently possible for the electronic media in Pakistan to cover terrorism incidents live with powerful visuals.  Advancements in technology have also improved the coverage of news via other media interfaces (printed and electronic); now news reaches the masses as it happens, giving them the feeling of being present at the incident.

During the last decade, terrorism related news has been extensively covered by Pakistani news…

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